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ADItech Corporación Technologica is a research member of SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency) since 2015. The main objective of this Public – Private Platform is to optimize industrial processes, reducing water and energy consumption as well as waste reduction, by means of the development of support and integration technologies, as well as their demonstration and assessment all along the whole production value chain.

SPIRE is a European Commission Public – Private instrument set up to lead and to boost the technological development and innovation in the European Community. The Commission delegates to these organizations the ability to define specific research and innovation topics, prepare roadmaps and manage a given amount of funding to grant research and innovation projects covering the related topics. Allocated budget to SPIRE is about 900 million euros.

SPIRE currently includes 130 European entities, both research and industrial, covering 8 sectors: chemicals, steel, engineering, minerals, non ferrous materials, cement, ceramics and water. The objective is to promote the cooperation among different sectors and European regions, to identify already available and tested technologies that could be adapted and translated to other sectors, especially those concerning energy efficiency.

ADItech participation has been encouraged by the specific interest in these technologies of two technological centers active in ADItech Industrial Area (CEMITEC and AIN), that are represented in SPIRE through ADItech. Both technological centers are active in the development of more sustainable products and processes, carrying out activities such as, by instance: using new and more efficient materials, design of more sustainable products and manufacturing processes, current processes optimization, energy efficiency, among them.

Their cross technological and cross sector approach make them to be aligned to SPIRE objective and priority topics, especially those related to the fossil fuel and no renewable raw materials use.

These challenges have been identified also as priority by ADItech Strategic Development axes: Smart Energy and Advanced Manufacturing.

SPIRE membership helps to ADItech as a technological corporation to get its goal in order to strive the active participation and international image of its associated centers in specialized technological forums, as well as to increase the impact of their developments at European level in order to increase their chance to be involved in EU research proposals.

For more information: http://www.spire2030.eu/

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