Renewable Energy and Resources

National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER)

Laboratorio de Ensayo de Aerogeneradores (LEA) - CENER - ADItech

Wind Turbine Test Laboratory (LEA)

The Wind Turbine Test Laboratory (LEA) is an infrastructure engaged in performing test and trials on wind turbines, ranging from tests on components to test on complete wind turbines, according to international standards. It also complements the research work of the National Renewable Energy Centre, in the field of wind energy.

Alaiz´s experimental wind farm

In addition to the test services offered at the LEA, CENER has an experimental wind farm to install prototypes and it is suitable for certification test in complex terrain conditions and with high wind levels.
It has 6 calibrated positions to install prototypes of machines of up 5 MW each, and 5 additional meteorological towers, 120 meters high.

Parque Experimental de Alaiz - CENER - ADItech

Centro de Biocombustibles de 2ª Generación (CB2G) - CENER - ADItech

2nd generation biofuel centre (cb2g)

The Second Generation Biofuel Centre is a semi-industrial pilot scale test facility able to develop 2nd generation biofuel production processes based on raw materials that are not competitive with the food industry (specially lignocellulosic materials such as forest and grass waste) and the production of biofuels via different production means (thermochemical, biochemical and/or enzymatic) and the application of biorefinery concepts.

Laboratorios Especializados - CENER - ADItech

Microrred Atenea - CENER - ADItech

Atenea Microgrid

This is a microgrid for industrial application, designed in principle to supply part of the electrical loads of the specific facilities of the LEA as well as part of the public lighting of the industrial estate. It has AC type architecture; that is, all the elements are connected to the same AC bus for the mutual exchange of energy.