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To develop liver-protection strategies aimed at recovering liver function and its regenerative ability and that allow for a reduction in mortality in patients with acute liver failure; to utilize these strategies in organ transplants that are considered marginal (fatty livers, livers in elderly patients and livers of small size); to perform broader partial extirpations and extirpations in organs with a compromised regenerative ability.

Solid Tumors and Biomarkers

Determination of the molecular markers associated with the development of cancer in order to be able to devise and validate new strategies for early detection. We also research the design of new therapies directed at specific molecular alterations that are useful in the treatment of these types of cancer.


To analyze the genetic alterations in in this field such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma for developing blood biomarkers that help detect early premalignant stages and identifying new therapeutics targets.


Identification of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of two incapacitating neurodegenerative diseases; Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease for the validation of the new therapeutic targets.

Cardiovascular Disease

Study of the arterial hypertension (one of the main factors involved in the development of heart failure) and the atherothrombosis (the underlying process behind the development of ischemic events in the brain and heart).


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Immunology and Immunotherapy

Application of the modulation of the immune system for the treatment of different types of cancers and infectious diseases.

Gene Therapy and Regulation of Gene Expression

To develop new therapeutic strategies for diseases that lack of an effective treatment and new experimental tools. Its areas of research have a clearly translational orientation, based on knowledge of the molecular bases of the development of the diseases.

Cell Therapy

Study of the mechanisms involved in stem-cell biology and their therapeutic application in cardiovascular, autoimmune and rare diseases.

Molecular Therapies

Interdisciplinary platform aimed at the search for molecules with a high therapeutic potential for the different CIMA research programs.


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The Bioinformatics Service provides complete support in the development of any experiment studying DNA or RNA on a mass scale, in humans and other organisms. The tasks carried out include: guidance on study design, bioinformatics processing carried out on the data obtained and support for the result’s interpretation.


This service provides comprehensive support to non-invasive imaging and quantitative image-analysis laboratories by means of advanced multidimensional image-processing techniques.

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The Biobank manages the acquisition and use of human biological samples and their associated data for purposes of biomedical research. It mission is to promote the maximum use of the biological samples it collects, in the execution of cutting-edge science projects, and to support the researchers in the management of samples and associated data.


It supports traditional techniques such as purification, quantification and characterization of nucleic acids, capillary sequencing and identification of human cellular lines by STR. Since 2011 Genomic platform offers sequencing services of latest techniques, Next Generation Sequencing using PGM of Ion Torrent platforms, MiSeq and NexSeq of Illumina. This platform is managed through CIMA LAB Diagnostics.


The Cytometry Service uses immunophenotypic techniques that make it possible to determine the characteristics of particles or cells in suspension that pass individually through laser light. This platform is managed through CIMA LAB Diagnostics.

Animal Production and Experimentation

This service provides support to all biomedical research projects at the University of Navarra, CIMA and Clínica Universidad de Navarra that require the use of experimental animals.

Navarrabiomed – Fundación Miguel Servet


Biobanco - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The Biobank is a service platform which aims to contribute to biomedical research by providing the scientific community with human biological samples and high-quality associated information, whilst guaranteeing the donors’ rights from both an ethical and legal point of view.

The Platform involves the services of Navarra Hospital Complex, Navarra Health Service -Osasunbidea and the Health Department of the Navarra Government. It provides human biological samples for a wide variety of diseases.

Neurological Tissue Bank:

The Bank of Neurological Tissues carries out the collection, processing, neuropathological diagnosis and conservation of post-mortem neurological tissues.

Tumor Bank:

Serum, DNA, tumor tissue and healthy tissue from patients with tumor pathologies.

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Genómica - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The center’s Genomics Platform promotes the development of new technologies which serve to provide support for the clinical genomics needs of professionals in the Navarra Health Service, as well as other health centers, research centers and biotechnology companies.

The Platform provides equipment and technical support for the analysis of nucleic acids (genotyped, methylation, gene expression) by means of individual trials and high performance techniques. Our experience is based on the analysis of DNA and RNA alterations related to the clinical characteristics of patients with different types of cancer: This experience can also be applied to other diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, etc).


  • Agilent bioanalyzer.
  • NanoDrop spectrophotometer.
  • BioRad thermal cycler with thermal gradient.
  • Real Time PCR Equipment: QuantStudio™12K Flex Real-Time PCR System (Life Technologies Corporation), with blocks for developing individual or array techniques. Software: Agilent 2100 Expert, QuantStudio™12K Flex, Primer Express, MethylPrimer Express.
  • Platform for pharmacogenetics techniques.

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Proteómica - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The main aim of the Proteomics Platform is to promote scientific research and technological development in the Navarra Region, as well as providing the scientific community with technological and scientific support in the field of proteomics. Its technological services, advice and training courses are available to researchers within the Navarra Health System (SNS-O), as well as other public or private institutions and companies in the biotech sector.

The aforementioned unit belongs to the Biomolecular and Biocomputing Resources Platform of the Carlos III Health Institute.


  • High resolution mass spectrometer 5600 TripleTOF by ABSciex.
  • Tandem mass spectrometer, cuadrupole-cuadrupole cuadrupole/linear ion trap (LIT) 5500Qtrap by ABSciex.

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