Unidades de Apoyo - CIMA - ADItech

Proteomics, Genomics and Bioinformatics:

Provides biological information for researchers in order to identify diagnostic and therapeutic targets and determine the mechanisms by which drugs function.

Imaging Core Facility:

Offers services of microscopy, non‐invasive image acquisition of laboratory animals and quantitative image analysis.


Servicios de apoyo - CIMA - ADItech

Biological Sample Bank:

This service, belonging to the University of Navarra, collects, stores and provides human biological samples for research. Furthermore it provides a service in histological techniques through the Morphology Support Service.

Instrumental techniques:

Irradiator (inactivator of cell proliferation and experimental bone marrow transplant in mice), cytometry (identification and separation of cell populations marked with fluorochromes), microPET (positron emisión tomography for use with animals), sequencing (reading of DNA bases), Aptamer Unit and Biostadistic Unit.


Plataformas biotecnológicas - CIMA - ADItech

Gene Therapy:

Development of viral vectors based on third‐generation (‘gutless’) adenovirus and adeno‐associated viral vectors, for defective monogenic disorders, cancer gene therapy and other diseases.

Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine:

Basic understanding of stem cell biology and use of stem cells and tissue engineering for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and skin disorders. Among its resources, it has an accredited GMP facility.

Aptamer Unit:

Developing and designing new aptamers with future therapeutic uses, focused mainly on cancer inmunotherapy.


Plataforma de descubrimiento de moléculas pequeñas - CIMA - ADItech
This unit is focused on small molecule discovery as potential therapeutic agents. This is a transversal platform, involved in different therapeutic areas, working in a multidisciplinary environment where translational medicine plays an important role. Thus, the lines of research are mainly two: Chemical biology (chemical genomics and medicinal chemistry) and Drug discovery informatics.

Navarrabiomed – Fundación Miguel Servet


Biobanco - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The Biobank is a service platform which aims to contribute to biomedical research by providing the scientific community with human biological samples and high-quality associated information, whilst guaranteeing the donors’ rights from both an ethical and legal point of view.

The Platform involves the services of Navarra Hospital Complex, Navarra Health Service -Osasunbidea and the Health Department of the Navarra Government. It provides human biological samples for a wide variety of diseases. 

Neurological Tissue Bank:

The Bank of Neurological Tissues carries out the collection, processing, neuropathological diagnosis and conservation of post-mortem neurological tissues.

Tumor Bank:

Serum, DNA, tumor tissue and healthy tissue from patients with tumor pathologies.

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Genómica - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The center’s Genomics Platform promotes the development of new technologies which serve to provide support for the clinical genomics needs of professionals in the Navarra Health Service, as well as other health centers, research centers and biotechnology companies.

The Platform provides equipment and technical support for the analysis of nucleic acids (genotyped, methylation, gene expression) by means of individual trials and high performance techniques. Our experience is based on the analysis of DNA and RNA alterations related to the clinical characteristics of patients with different types of cancer: This experience can also be applied to other diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, etc).


  • Agilent bioanalyzer.
  • NanoDrop spectrophotometer.
  • BioRad thermal cycler with thermal gradient.
  • Real Time PCR Equipment: QuantStudio™12K Flex Real-Time PCR System (Life Technologies Corporation), with blocks for developing individual or array techniques. Software: Agilent 2100 Expert, QuantStudio™12K Flex, Primer Express, MethylPrimer Express. 
  • Platform for pharmacogenetics techniques.

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Proteómica - Navarrabiomed - Fundación Miguel Servet


The main aim of the Proteomics Platform is to promote scientific research and technological development in the Navarra Region, as well as providing the scientific community with technological and scientific support in the field of proteomics. Its technological services, advice and training courses are available to researchers within the Navarra Health System (SNS-O), as well as other public or private institutions and companies in the biotech sector.

The aforementioned unit belongs to the Biomolecular and Biocomputing Resources Platform of the Carlos III Health Institute.


  • High resolution mass spectrometer 5600 TripleTOF by ABSciex.
  • Tandem mass spectrometer, cuadrupole-cuadrupole cuadrupole/linear ion trap (LIT) 5500Qtrap by ABSciex.

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