EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) has been set up by the European industry in order to promote innovative technologies development in the field of industrial manufacturing. Its main goal is to collaborate with the European Commission in the identification of the most relevant topics related to the specific call: “Factories of the Future”.

EFFRA currently includes 150 European entities both industrial and research, that are active in the involvement in the identification of challenges, opportunities and innovation agenda aimed at boosting advanced manufacturing in the European Community.

European Commission as announced an ambitious investment of 278 million € for the next coming call for proposals “Factories of the Future” for the 2016 – 2017 period. These funds will be allocated to support research and innovation projects to transform manufacturing processes at European scale.

ADItech understands its en EFFRA membership as an strategic activity, because it is related to two of its main objectives: to look for the excellence by means of an active participation in high level forums and to reach a financial sustainability through getting European funds, among others, to develop research and innovation projects. ADItech gathers, in this particular case, the technological interests of two of its associated centers: AIN y CEMITEC.

For more information: http://www.effra.eu/

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