Chair ADItech

The Chair ADItech was created based on the Framework Agreement on Science and Technology cooperation signed between Public University of Navarre (UPNA) and ADItech Technology Corporation in early 2015.


From left to right, Paula Noya, Pablo Arocena, Manuel Rodriguez, Ramón Gonzalo – Vice-Chancellor for Research at UPNA, José María Beriain, Juan Ramón de la Torre and Ignacio Matías.

Among the objectives of the Chair ADItech mainly include: promoting and generating advanced research to enable proper integration and convergence between the academic discipline and the technological and business sectors; contributing to the practical training of university students and professionals in the technological and business sector and academic support activities such as cultural or social extension.

To achieve these aims, it is required the development of joint research lines, doctoral theses and final projects or master’s degrees. Additionally, granting special awards as well as scholarships related to entrepreneurship are both contemplated.

The Chair ADItech also seeks to encourage educational cooperation to train qualified professionals to cover the needs of the technological environment, but also to contribute to a continuous training adapted to the specific requirements of technical specialists of ADItech and related centers (AIN, CEMITEC, CENER, CIMA at University of Navarra, CNTA and Navarrabiomed-Miguel Servet Foundation).

For this purpose different dissemination activities will be developed for university students and professionals, consisting on courses, conferences and seminars, relevant scientific events, visits to the Units of ADItech by the university community and also it will be conducted publications on common interest topics.


By the UPNA

  • Pablo Arocena, University Professor.
  • Ignacio Matías, University Professor. Director of the Institute of Smart Cities (ISC)
  • María José Beriain, Professor of University.

By ADItech

  • Manuel Rodriguez, General Manager
  • Juan Ramon de la Torre, Science&Technology Director
  • Paula Noya, Coordinator of Relations with Universities