Board of Trustees of the ADItech Foundation

Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation (ADItech) is a private entity proposing the leading companies involvement in each industry sector in the management of technology centers, through the creation of a foundation governed by a Board with 70% share of these private companies, with the objective of directing the activities of the centers to the real industrial interests.

Companies and institutions that make up the Board are: Gamesa, Acciona, Igeteam, Florette, General Mills, AN Group, Berkelium, BSH, Jofemar, Cinfa, 3Pbio, Gas Natural Fenosa, Iberdrola, Iparlat, Riberebro Group, Taberna – Berlys, Viscofan, Kybse, Mondragon Group, Mtorres, Laseme, Sodena, Moderna Foundation, Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Navarra, University of Navarra, Public University of Navarra and Government of Navarra.

The Board of Trustees decided who form the Executive Board of ADItech Corporation. They are: Mr. Manuel Ayerdi (Vice president for Economic Development of the Government of Navarra), Chairman of the Board, Mr. José Antonio Malumbres (Gamesa), Vice President. The other members on the Executive Committee are: Mr. Iñaki Recalde (Viscofan), Mr. Julio Maset (Cinfa), Mr. Jesús Sarasa (Group AN), Mr. José Juste (BSH), Mr. Eduardo Beltrán de Nanclares (Mondragon Group), Mr. Alfonso Carlosena (Vice President for Research of the UPNA), Mr. Ignacio Hernández (CNTA) and Mr. Manuel Rodriguez (ADItech´s MD), Secretary.