Mission and vision

ADItech Mission

Advanced Innovation and Technology Corporation (ADItech) is a private entity that brings together Navarre technology centres in the fields of Energy, Industry, Agri-food and Biomedicine, with a clear international vocation.

ADItech was set up with a triple purpose:

  • The need to increase the size and capabilities of research teams, reducing the atomisation that has previously existed in the different technology centres, boosting international sales and providing a more effective access to competitive research financing in the European and global scenario.
  • Bring the research results closer to the industrial environment, fostering the valorisation of the results in a two-fold action: first, favouring the creation of useful products or services for industry, extending our value chain from the validation in laboratories to process and product engineering, even turnkey; and second, when the industry does not exist, promoting the development of technology-based companies, supporting the search for financing and the configuration of new business projects.
  • Increase the supply capacity through crossed sales between customers and different technology centre sectors, fostering innovation on the frontiers between sectors through product, process or service technology transfer between the different industries.

ADItech integrates an extremely broad variety of economic sectors, represented by the companies that operate in them, in the whole of Spain and, in many cases, on a world-wide level.

ADItech Vision

The main objective of ADItech is to become a European and global benchmark in the technologies it incorporates, seeking differentiation in specific fields of excellence, combining industrial interests and the major research lines drawn by the European Union for Horizon 2020.

To this end, we must climb to the highest positions in terms of technological equipment and testing capacity, so that we can attract leading researchers to our environment, based on the potential and quality of the work that can be developed.

The technological offer to attract the best does not just mean having excellent facilities but it also means developing a more intense relationship with universities and their research groups, as well as with other Spanish and European technology institutions, fostering and supporting the development of aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to put the technologies they develop into practice on the markets that will consume them in the future.

Centres that form part of ADItech Technology Corporation: